The Bossy Dance: Beyond “Yes” and “No”

When saying yes to the form includes saying no to a momentary circumstance. We will examine and play with increasing the clarity of our offerings while we dance. Whether we participate in the improvisation through solo, duet, ensemble, we’ll work with when we exit or reengage in a dance through a hard no, a soft no, negotiation or redirection. We’ll explore what happens when we engage in the bossy dance, through inviting, responding, requesting and offering.This workshop explores what Betty Martin’s ‘wheel of consent’ tools can offer to our practice as contact improvisers.

Nettle Dances:
Approaching Difficult Politics (& what we render invisible) through CI

My original interaction with T&P was about exploring the edges of CI. One edge I’d like to explore is the function of politics and CI. When do we avoid it? How many of us, especially those belonging to marginalized groups, cannot? Even on the dance floor. Especially on the dance floor. What politic(s) do you bring to your dancing? Do you ignore whiteness or gender expression or class status/experience as a function of your dance? How and why? What happens as we face these? Let’s have a dance lab to dive into some of these nettle-feeling topics. In our physical explorations, we will explore ignoring/facing, power/sharing and habit recognition/ breaking. We’ll have a hearty discussion about risk and safety, why CI is inherently risky and how risk taking helps us understand how we bring our politics to the dance floor. What if our dance floors were as much a place to hash it out in battledance as well as a space for soft connection? We may use scores and exercises to approach what we sometimes wish to ignore or escape through our dancing and how we can use our dancing as a means to engage with difficulty.

Sasha Lasdon dances and teaches CI whenever possible and calls the GLACIER community home. They also work as a somatic sex educator, gyn TA, stiltwalker/dancer and hospice chef. Sometimes, on a good day, they get to be a flying merperson. Sasha takes fun seriously and makes rigor fun.