Moving Fluids, and Flooding Orgasms

Description: We will dive deep into our internal ocean, channeling currents, sensing tides, and allowing fluid orgasms to flood the visceral fabrics of body and earth. Informed by the practices of Authentic Movement, Body-Mind Centering and Skinner Releasing, sessions will incorporate imagery and bodywork to explore facial, visceral and energetic sensations traced by the flow of our bodily fluids.

Part 1 – Moving Fluids (2hrs)

In this first class we will begin working with blindfolds to sink into our oceanic ground substance, moving and sensing the early development of tone, liquid weight and gravity orientation. This class will deal with the contact principles of giving and sharing weight, and will include witnessing and duet work to develop explorations of moving from inner and altered states.

Part 2 – Flooding Orgasms (2hrs)

In this class will investigate the nature of the orgasm and ejaculation as a fluid flooding of the cells. We will re-establish our fundamental ground through our waters and explore the nourishing travelling of fluids through bodywork, overwhelming in, through and around the organs. As we flood our organisms we will touch upon the densities and viscosities of different fluids investigating their pathwaves beyond the skin and out into space, as we come to dance our experience in and out of contact.

Class 1 will flow into class 2 and you are invited to attend them both!

Rosalind Holgate Smith is a Dance Artist and Somatic Movement Practitioner. She creates immersive installations and performances for gallery and site-specific environments, often engaging with with raw materials such as soil, water and slate.  She encountered Contact Improvisation as a student of Fine Art and Choreography at Dartington College of Arts in 2009. She now teaches and regularly in the UK and at festivals in Europe. Her practice is deeply informed by Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement and Skinner Releasing. She is currently completing a Masters degree in Dance: Creative Practice at Trinity Laban and Siobhan Davies Studios in London. Alongside Rosalind’s loves of water, she is a Shaw method, swimming teacher; a release based approach, combining the Alexander Technique. She is also a student of Process-Oriented Psychotherapy and Yoga teacher.