My Pelvis, Your Pelvis:
Exploring and Learning from Movement, Images, and Touch

The pelvis and its intimate geographies are not only central to our biomechanical movement capacities, they are also landscapes for the internalization and performance of cultural identity; gender, race, sexual orientation, class, and more. The pelvic region also hosts the reproductive functions through which our species conceives and procreates. It is likewise the site of our genitalia and a great amount of our sexual focus, both sensually and culturally. Energetically, the root chakra at the base of the pelvis is where we live our most fundamental relationships with life and death, our existential sense of home, and our connection with the earth and her primal energies.

It’s remarkable, considering all this, the poverty of knowledge and experience so many of us come to this region with; both in ourselves and in others.

The workshop facilitators will guide participants through a series of solo and paired movement and explorations of this sacred landscape, developing capacities for feeling, observing, describing, and communicating the complexity of experiences related to the pelvis. We will – together – map both the somatic and cultural landscapes of our pelvis in a generous and safe environment.

* Note: This class will be co-taught with Alyssa Lynes & Rob Kancler, expanding on a lab we recently facilitated together at the Fuerteventura CI festival. The feedback from participants was very positive, and the three of us are excited for potentially developing this work further in the Touch & Play context.

Rob Kancler
 is a coach, bodyworker and teacher who holds an interdisciplinary background as a researcher of holistic health, permaculture, CI and Nonviolent Communication. He is most excited to promote personal empowerment & global responsibility through self-awareness, ecological literacy, and by supporting people to amplify their experience of pleasure, intimacy, embodiment & context.