Field Movement

Every species shares an intelligent field that is a web of information, a field of energy that stores dynamics, settings, games, processes. What we are going to do is activate the awareness of that field and move in it, exploring spontaneous gestures, stillness and following impulses that comes from the information that the field is bringing. A morphic field hold memories, intentions and actions in space and time, and the participants in it know them instantaneously. We are going to follow that information and embody it, taking the risk to incarnate the dynamic that is present in the moment. This is a group-awareness practice; we move together sharing a secret. The mover tracks their inner responses and the group’s responses at the same time, each person is an antenna to receive information.

Today, I see how movement synthesizes all the expressive intelligence that has been previously recorded: from the rituals of antique cultures that embodied myths; from the shamanic games, and folk games; from all the dances that the hips and feet can do. What is important about movement is to explore the possibility of communication, not the form. We will use the intelligence of the movement to communicate.

Nude Authentic Relating Games

How we communicate shapes our world. Authentic Relating Games are a collection of led experiences that give players a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection. Anthony and Maybel will challenge you to listen and reflect in realtime and to become self-aware within connection. Players walk away with a profound sense of well-being, and an experiential toolkit that they can use right away to make their lives better.

* Note: This class will be co-taught with Anthony Lione

Maybel Ovalles (From Venezuela & living in NYC) has researched fields of knowledge such as dance, authentic movement, physical theater and improvisation, authentic relating, and family constellation (where they were introduced to Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic fields and morphic resonance). They integrated this research into Field Movement and practiced it in Caracas VZ, Buenos Aires AR, Black Rock City NV, and Brooklyn NY. With Anthony Lione, Maybel is co-founder of Residencia (; a community space for group-intelligence practices. Curating events of varied themes and forms that are rooted in truth-telling, leaders are called to take risks in developing experiences that they themselves want to live out. Maybel is an Authentic Leadership Facilitator Training graduate (