Kinky Dance Cards:
Scrawling on the Blank Page of Desire

(Part 1): Sensual Experiments
(Part 2): Pushing Boundaries

Having a want and turning it into an ask, plus having to troubleshoot all of the emotional chaos that entails! Having desires is scary. We use games for exploring intimacy and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. A variety of kinky techniques are introduced with opportunities to explore.

Beginning with a structure that gradually falls away for more freeform play, my function as a teacher is to hold space as you explore possibilities for mixing sensation play with movement. We practice the process of assessing compatibility, considering the risks involved, and potentially navigating rejection. Pairs or groups negotiate sensual experiments, emphasizing curiosity and clear boundaries. By the end, everyone will have some new fun tools for expanding their sensual relation to dance.

Lydia Love is an enthusiastic sex-worker, professional trans-feminine muse, polyamorous relationship guru, experimental erotic performance artist, and resident soft-place-to-fall-at-the-end-of-the-day. She has a calling for holding space. She produces artistic and educational events in NYC through her company, Passionate Persuasions. Her work focuses on emotional and psychological well-being in times of discomfort. She has practiced Orgasmic Meditation, Urban Tantra, Ecstatic Dance, Radical Consent, and Sensual Massage. She continues to develop and teach sexual and somatic modalities of her own design: Whispering the Body and Body Church, respectively. Her movement and dance work has been featured at The WOW Café Theater, Miss Rubber World, Mr. Leather Ottawa, La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa Gala, Eve’s Apple Play Party, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, and various kink and burlesque events in NYC, Toronto, and Ottawa. Her teaching and speaking events have been hosted at Breathless Sex Club, Bluestockings Bookstore, Body Actualized Center, and Shoestring Studio Artist Collective. Connect with her @PassPersuasions.