Blindfold Contact Jam:
A Veiled Voyage of the Senses

When we Blindfold ourselves and let our sight go we are able to develop and heighten our other senses. In Contact this is essential to training our bodies to expand beyond our patterns and open to a broader range of movement and sensation. Being blind in the dance is a whole new experience that helps to let go of our prejudgements, agendas and movement habits. By being disoriented in blindness we can reorient ourselves without all the judgments and stories that our minds create from engrained patterns and assuptions. By listening with all our other senses we can forge new pathways to deeper intimacy.

Come experience the freedom of dancing, cuddling and connecting blindfolded… Dance like no one is watching!  Blindfolded Jams are fun and magical and of course require extra awareness & safety. We will always have at least 2 people without blindfolds on to maintain the safety of the space. We will also start with a talk and a warm-up about how to use blindfolds to enhance your experience while staying safe.There will be blindfolds available but please bring your own if you have one.  See you on the dance floor!! I mean…I guess I won’t SEE you!!



Moti Zemelman, MFA, began practicing Contact Improvisation 29 years ago. Over the past 22 years he has taught and performed across USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Europe and Israel. In 2008-09 he taught as Professor of Dance at the Instituto Naciónal de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Over the last 10 years in his desire to integrate communication and intimacy skills in his life and teaching he has studied Non-Violent Communication, Tantra, Butoh, BDSM and Byron Katie’s “The Work”. Moti has been both a teacher and a board member at Earthdance Retreat Center where he currently co-organizes the Touch&Play Festival. Additionally he is a featured dancer in Sanford Lewis’ recently released documentary film about CI “An Intimate Dance.” He also designs and moderates the international Contact Improv resource website