Clay Explorations, Our Body, Our Environment

Vessels can be literal and metaphorical in our lives. Our soul is housed in a sacred vessel – our BODY. And, our bodies are held and supported on this fragile yet amazing planet. Through movement and clay (which comes from the earth), we will explore our environment as we dance playfully between constructing vessels in clay and discovering our body as vessel. We will enjoy this sensual medium as we explore the vessel in partnership and in group dynamics while in the outdoors.

Sasha Bergmann
grew up dancing before she walked, surrounded by modern dance her whole life since her mother went to Juilliard and is a professional dancer. Always connected to the arts, Sasha now teaches ceramics full-time to middle schoolers at BB&N in Cambridge, MA. She makes colorful pottery inspired by the ocean, leads a group for Art for Social Change, and creates collaborative art internationally which brings communities of people together through large-scale sculptural projects. Finally, Sasha has been a personal chef, is an author of a gluten-free cookbook, and is a mother of two teens.