Sounding the Body Electric:
Unleashing Vocal Pleasure

Our voices are not just in our throats: they cover our entire bodies. In this playshop participants are guided through a juicy journey of discovering and embodying their unique sounds with themselves and with partners. Through exercises such as chakra sounding, partner toning and role playing participants are supported in tapping into primal energies and giving voice to parts of themselves they may not have even known are there.

Kaitlin June
was born a Scorpio child in the foothills of North Carolina to a family of movers, shakers and artists. Kaitlin is a voice-doula and a lover of the sun, soil, and song. She has been receiving music her whole life from whatever land she stands on and loves to offer it back. She is passionate about the role of Expressive Arts in the transformation of our world and helping to cultivate each individual’s unique voice in creating the new paradigm. For more on her life and work visit