Dancing in Vagus:

Embodying the Physiology of Safety

“Vagus” in the workshop title refers to the ventral vagal nerve, a key player in the physiology of our social engagement system. When we ‘dance in vagus’ as a practice we deepen our embodied sense of safety and connection with ourselves, others, and our community.

In this workshop we will:

– Explore experientially the ‘autonomics’ of our behavior, ranging from alert or restful states of being, to mobilization in response to danger, to immobilization at times of life threat.

– Map how these multiple expressions of our nervous system show up in our dance lives and our daily lives.

– Develop ways to compassionately support ourselves from a physiological perspective when triggered or distressed.

– Learn to “tone” the (ventral) vagus nerve somatically.

– Access our toned vagus for safety, support, play, and expression of healthy boundaries in dance.

– Establish somatic support for being safe while being seen.

Remember, what happens in Vagus…..

Deb Grant
is a Body-Mind Centering┬« Somatic Movement Educator, somatic therapist and psychotherapist with 20 years’ practice. Her varied background in dance, mime, and theater informs her teaching approaches to movement, improvisational dance and psychotherapy. Deb has co-taught professional development workshops on Polyvagal Theory for psychotherapists at Kripalu and Omega Institute as well as in Maine and Massachusetts. She adapts this experiential approach to the theory for improvisational dancers in the daylong workshop entitled Dancing in Vagus. Deb lives in Portland, Maine.