Mammal Play:
Power, Playfulness and Body Wisdom

From the premise we have more relational wisdom in our bodies than in our minds, this class will evoke your evolutional mammal body to come out and play. Inspired by how mammals play with each other using the sides of their body, their shoulders and hips, and how they lean into each other and take turns sharing dominance – come and lunge and chase and thump around on the grass like bear cubs and lions.

Learn how physical intensity combines with heightened awareness for safety of the other to create a relationship of trust, intimacy and personal independence. Explore the physical and emotional dynamics of pushing, pulling, bracing, leaning and surrender.

Perfect for people across the gender spectrum who may be afraid of physically hurting others or being hurt. Exercises are incremental and modulated and suitable for people who have experienced trauma.

Wear clothes for rough housing on grass.

Brad “John” Johnston
Brad came to contact improvisation at the age of 50 after his body got his attention with a burst appendix.   His background is yoga, Aikido, somatic awareness, an Honours B.A. in Psychology and Theatre, training as a life coach and whole system theory of large group change processes.  He is learning to live from the intuition of a wise mammal body and the deep appreciation of minimalism and the ordinary.  In 2015 he left his career of 24 years as a public servant with the Ontario Government and sold his house, bought a motorcycle, grew his hair and began wearing white flannel trousers on the beach.