Mystery Class  (Title announced at festival)

Play with sensation.  What feels good? Practice clearly communicating your desire to give and/or receive more pressure, more sensation, and/or more roughness so you can more easily get what you want.  Play at the edges of your pleasure while negotiating the ever-evolving landscape of your boundaries.  We will delight in how rough, intention-filled play can support the nervous system with nourishment and satisfaction.  Find your threshold in a way that deepens compassion and widens the potential for connection and transformation.

Nourishment Ritual with Abbi

What are you hungry for?  What truly nourishes you?  Delight your senses in a mosaic of fruit and chocolate to touch, taste and devour.  Join Abbi for a sensual embodied experience of food, presence and relationship that will leave you satisfied in body, mind and more.

Abbi Jaffe is an embodiment activist and teacher, social worker, bodyworker and community builder.  She authentically moves like a playful and listening animal, dancing with the earth in each moment.  Abbi inspires others to follow their own body’s curiosity and impulses, unleash their radiant resilience, and to be exquisite.  Join her at and